The Significance

I held a Logo competition with my immediate Whānau. I received 46 awesome ideas/drawings but my son Johnny’s piece got me on an emotional level. Whānau to me is everything, “My Why” so a Logo that represented my parents as our Rangatira of the Whānau was a stand out winner.


When Nan visits with Love, food or stops in for a cuppa and nobody is home, she will probably do the dishes or the washing just because that’s who she is. If we don’t get home to catch her she will always leave a note on the bench for you just to let you know what’s been happening. She always signs it with

This represents our beautiful Nanny ❤️

Which brings me to my logo idea for MOE

This also gives another image that represents a big part of our Whanau, if we simply flip the script 180 degrees…

From this side if we look at the logo we can see the image of an Eagle with its wings in full span. As we know this majestic bird is a symbol that represents our “Koro Fergy” ❤️

What better way to honour our Nan & Koro in one logo, that represents who we are.

The idea of colours – you have grey on the left and Mums blue on the right.

The grey reflects lost, cold, dark, sad, hurt etc. This is generally how people will be feeling when they come to MOE. Our services will have them moving forward & feeling better like we do when there is a brighter blue sky.

Nanny Noli & Koro Fergy

Winning concept & design from my Logo competition with my Whanau.
Submitted by my middle son Johnny. I had 46 designs entered. All very good designs but Johnny’s piece got me on an emotional level.