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With You Every Step of Tangihanga

The vision for MOE is to have a one stop hub where whānau can get assistance with the pre-planning, organising, execution and aftercare of tangihanga. .


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Grief and financial stress are not a great combination so MOE wants to educate whānau of options available.

The best way to plan a funeral/ tangihanga is to plan in advance.

MOE will assist clients with options that will help alleviate the financial burden at the inevitable time. Whether it’s a savings plan, Funeral or Life Insurance and making sure our client have a Will and has documented their final wishes with whānau engagement so everyone is aware and there are no surprises.


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MOE can assist with the organising of a Tangihanga with a database of networks in the catering & venue sectors as well as MOE having their own affordable hire centre for resources required at any whanau event.


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MOE is contactable 24/7 to assist whānau throughout the whole tangihanga to take the stress away at the emotional time. MOE will be the main contact between the whānau pani and Lawyer’s, Insurance brokers, Funeral Home, caterers, venue hirer and any other service provider. MOE has their own hire centre so whānau can get affordable resources for any special event.

Having an independent planner at your side will help whānau make better decisions. Decisions not based on grief but based on informed choices to avoid the emotional over spend.


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MOE can assist whānau with the closing of accounts, utilities and change of ownership of property if need be or liaise with the lawyer to complete. 

We can put together a check list of jobs required for whānau to complete if this suits their needs better.  

MOE has a database of services available in the self care needed after the loss of a loved one ie: counselling, Miri Miri, pampering with beauty therapist.

Tangihanga Packages Available


Simple no fuss


1 – 2 viewings
Ashes returned for a memorial
Scattering of ashes

Stay with funeral home


Service sheets
Video link for family who can not attend
Cremation/ burial
Refreshments  before or after
Crematorium/ cemetery

Stay with whānau


Whānau pani organise the whole tangi & only use Funeral home for basic needs.

Stay with whānau but has a MOE Package


Start up kit
Pre planned wishes actioned (MOE plan)
Assistance throughout the whole tangi
After care

Mix & mingle a package to suit clients needs & wishes.


We will work with you to create the perfect farewell.


Start up pack

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  1. Coffee, tea, milo, milk, urn, tea pot, paper cups, teaspoons, biscuits (Storage box with contents list for return)
  2. Optional – savouries, sandwiches, paper plates, serviettes, sauce
  3. Optional – Pots of kai – spaghetti bolognese, Shepherd’s pie, buns & fillings
  4. Whānau dinner before everyone travels back. Catered for or booking in to local restaurant.

Preplanned wishes

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Clients preplanned wish list printed to discuss with whānau. These plans will already be known to the clients nearest and dearest. Some things may need to be changed for any unexpected reasons.

Work with the whānau so they are all a part of the celebrations.

Assistance throughout the whole tangi

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  • 24/7 contact via text/phone
  • Main contact between whānau & Funeral home
  • Main contact between whānau & lawyer
  • Main contact for venue, catering, photographer, flowers

After care

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Assist with paperwork, settling of accounts if need be or passing on to the lawyer to complete. Give whānau a check list of jobs required. Give a list of services available to all whānau ie: counselling, Miri Miri, retreat.

Additional Services

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  • Harakeke flower
  • Korowai
  • AVL – Audio Visual link for family who can not attend
  • Photographer – during & after for the whanau
  • Decorations
  • Service sheets
  • Photo boards (heart shaped etc)
  • Photo slideshow
  • Music

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Whanau are simply not ready or prepared to deal with the death of a loved one.

Emotional overspending at the time of death is the main reason most people spend more than they need on a funeral for their loved ones.

If you would like more information on how MOE can help you:

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